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Monday, June 18, 2007


About a week ago, I had a revelation while being amongst some young adults: Boy, do they have artistic gifts!

A friend of mine (my girlfriend's husband) recently came to the U.S. for his yearly stint as a guide for French tourists each spring and summer season. On his flight over from Europe, Thierry was accompanied by his niece, Sophie Viale, who is an up and coming artist from Italy. Sophie is here for three months to paint, learn English, and to get a feel for life in America.

On the 9th, my family and I enjoyed a lunch out with Thierry and Sophie, and afterwards, we were invited to some friends' house for a late afternoon barbecue. I told my foreign visitors that we should accept the invitation because the Mitchell family was very artistic and Sophie would feel a camaraderie with them. This family is full of talent. Each member paints, draws, plays an instrument, and the oldest son, Milo (my web designer), makes incredible videos and animated shorts.

Needless to say, we went to the barbecue. After our delicious meal in a park-like backyard, we all moved inside the house so the "kids" could start sharing their work. Sophie brought out her laptop and showed everyone photos of her paintings, which were well organized on her website. We were all captivated. Milo showed us a video of wildlife in the desert and then shared one of his animated movies.

As I sat on a couch nearby listening to the conversations and looking at the artwork by these young people, I felt a sense of happiness and excitement. How wonderful that they cultivate their own natural talents, how fantastic that the parents encourage their children's gifts.

Though I personally don't paint or take photos, I do enjoy viewing art that others have created, whether it be sculpture or knitted scarves. It simply gives me pleasure to see creativity in any form.

So be sure to keep visiting my blog, because I will continue to weave in the work of artists between my own postings. As you probably know, Rena Williams is one of my favorites.


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